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 Recommend of this month★Debbie

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Corporation Data
Name   DEOVOS & Co., Ltd.
Established   December 18th, 2002
Capital   7 Million NTD
Directories   President Masao Chang
Bank   E. Sun Commercial Bank (Chung-Shan Branch)
Industry Cartridge Filter & Filter Housing
Fastener Development
Energy Saving Lamps(CCFL & LED)
Import & Export
Commodity Agent
Main Buyers   Solar ・Semiconductor ・Electronic・TFT-LCD ・LED ・Flexible PCB ・Chemical ・Glass for LCDs・Photoresist ・Food & Drink manufacturers ・The top-rated hardware company all over Japan ・Offices ・Schools ・Hospitals

Management Policy:Honest, Efficiency, Belief, Innovation

DEOVOS is a responsible company which also has positive effect in our society. We hope to cooperate with you in the near future.

Adopt sincere attitude to fill customers’ demands
Keep right direction and never take deceitful action
Response to any situation more flexible
Always be honest to our customers and ourselves

Act on the principle of P→D→C→A
Plan → Do → Check → Action

Catch the customers’ potential needs
Be eager in catching any business chance
Practice step by step

Grasp new things and information and then analyze them
Combine clients’ needs and our know how to create excellent services