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  What is your filter application?
What is your filter application?

Excellent particle removal and retention performance
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Product Feature
High-performance micro-porous structure

The micro-porous structure of the polysulfone filter is asymmetric as a whole and contains a dense layer. This structural characteristic with larger pore sizes both on the inlet and outlet sides has improved the filtration ability.


Excellent particle removal and retention performance

The dense layer and sharp pore size distribution inside the filter enable reliable retention and high-precision filtration of fine particles and micoorganisms.


Low initial pressure loss and a long service life

The high porosity rate of 80% characteristic asymmetric membrane structure, and large filtration area of the filter ensure a low initial pressure loss and a long filtration service life.


Quick resistivity recovery by the the least degree of flushing

The cartridge is made of carefully selected plastic materials for the highest effect of filter cleaning. The initial resistivity can be quickly recovered by flushing the filter to the least degree for a quick supply of ultrapure water.


Increased variety                                                      

With a new 0.1 μm size added to the 0.2 μm, 0.45 μm, and 1.2 μm lineup, the AstroPore PSE Cartridge W is now available in three pore sizes. The types available are G, M, P, and MP to meet specific needs in various fields. 


Major Applications

The AstroPore PSE Cartridge W offers excellent performance for removal of fine particles and microorganisms from the various kinds of water used in the manufacturing of semiconductors in the electronics indutry.

■Pure water for manufacturing processes such as cleaning water for semiconductor elements
■Various kinds of water used in semiconductor-related industries
■Various kinds of water for manufacturing processes of electronic tubes such as cathode ray tubes and other related parts
■Filtration of water used in the food industry
■Various ultrapure water for laboratories
■Pure water for various manufacturing industries

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